Songs from CHWC 2018

Hello there! 

Well, the CHWC Summer has officially come to a close. It was an amazing and beautiful time traveling around and getting to sing and pray with you! I was privileged to lead music and worship for the good folks at CHWCs Wichita, Billings, Muskegon, and Farmington! 

I - seriously - cannot say enough about how awesome my summer was with all of you! I made some amazing new friends and even found two long-lost family members ;) You all prayed with intensity and joy, and louder than any group I'd ever heard! It was a beautiful thing, each week, to join with you all in community and lift our voices in uninhibited worship. You're in my thoughts as we all look forward to what comes next.

So, if you were there this summer and sang along, I thought you might enjoy this comprehensive playlist of the songs I played at CHWC 2018! They're all there, I'm pretty sure. AND, even if you weren't there, you can still enjoy the musical goodness. Just click the link below to open the Spotify playlist!

I hope these songs bring you peace, calm, joy, and - above all - closer to Him! Oh, and there's some fun ones on there too! ;)